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Personal Training

Accountability every step of the way

  • Lose weight - Build strength - Improve cardiovascular fitness

  • Train in our private studio, your home or local park

  • 8 x 1hr sessions

  • Virtual cooking class and nutrition plan

  • Local training only

  • Package price £400


Food Prep One To One

Eat better and save money

  • Real time cooking lesson in your own kitchen via video call

  • Batch cook meals and save money

  • Recipes to repeat each week

  • Meals to fit your calories and macro nutrient count

  • 4 weeks of accountability via email

  • Get amazing weight loss results

  • Improve sporting performance and recovery

  • 90min session £99


Online Personal Training

Planning and accountability

  • 1 session monthly for goal setting

  • The session can be done via video call or in-person (local only)

  • Online page with exercise videos, recipes and lifestyle habit goals

  • Affordable package with all the accountability

  • Package price - £99 a month


Meet Paul, your trainer

Paul is a father, personal trainer and business owner. He has trained countless clients to fitness over the last seventeen years, passing on his knowledge and experience of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle advice. Here is a little bit about Paul’s experience in health and fitness and what has made him the trainer he is today.


Sparring with the past

Paul felt the weight of responsibility for his family after losing his father to heart disease at the age of twelve. Growing up he found it difficult to hold anything down and find direction without a male role model. Until James, a Guyanese boxing coach stepped in on the scene. Boxing gave Paul the discipline and a place to channel his energy that wasn’t destructive.


Enter the Brazilian

In the years to follow Paul tried lots of martial arts finally settling with Capoeira (a dance developed by slaves in Brazil to disguise the martial art). Capoeira was unlike anything Paul had learnt before, showing him the freedom of movement and allowing him to build the body strength, flexibility and agility needed to perform this art. Some of what Paul learnt back then is the basis of today’s training for clients.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 12.07.35.png

On the treadmill of life

At the age of twenty-two, he decided that he enjoyed exercise so much, it would be a good idea for him to start a career in the fitness industry.  He tried a number of things ranging from management, specialising in GP referrals, through to teaching classes, and finally settled on personal training. However, finding what he loved to do was only part of the story. He felt that he just wasn’t making the impact he wanted to see on people’s health. Coupled with the long hours working in the gym and training clients one-to-one after his shift, he noticed his own health and fitness took a knock. Eventually, the responsibility of high-risk clients in the cardiac rehab program burnt him out.

Today’s training for a new generation

The training and advice Paul offers today are so different from when he first started in the industry. He understands that the clients’ needs are so much more complex in the modern day and that there is a real need to get back to the basics. He has extended his repertoire to encompass more into his training plans for his clients such as virtual cooking lessons, detailed online programs for homework and a range of workshops which allows clients to understand the body in a new way.


Paul has trained me (& members of my family) for many years. He is SO knowledgeable about what makes our bodies work....not just the exercises, but nutrition, lifestyle and - to use an overworked word - “Wellness”. We can talk about anything... sometimes he learns things from me, so often, I’m learning from him. He pushes me, but isn’t pushy: I have always known my limits, so don’t need anyone to encourage me with noisy clichés. I was 65 a few days ago, and feel younger today than I felt a decade ago, when I first started working with Paul. I’m certainly slimmer and less stressed than when I retired from a demanding City career.

- Andrew

I’ve known Paul since 2016 and he is an exceptional personal trainer, nutritionist and coach. Applying his life experience, leadership skills and calming presence Paul creates a training space that operates beyond the nuts and bolts objectives of your standard PT (Lose weight…get a six pack etc…). His work and mission goes far deeper than that, with lifestyle, community and transformation at it’s core. Spend a few minutes talking with him and you’ll get exactly what I mean. Can’t recommend this service highly enough.

- Clive

Paul can be gentle, persuasive, straight to the point and very real. He meets me where I am and stretches me to my limits. He's not a pumped-up wannabe Instagram star in lycra, he's a mature man with knowledge and experience.

- Kenny

Paul is an ace guy I have worked with for several years - cannot recommend Paul highly enough who has steered me right resulting in very good health benefits as well as improved fitness

- Kevin

Paul is a one-of-a-kind personal trainer. Not only does he have reams of wide-ranging and practical knowledge pouring out of his ears, he's a good laugh and someone you can easily let your guard down around and just hang out with. Each session I have with Paul is a treasure mine of information as well as the perfect amount of motivation and support - not too much and not too little. Couldn't recommend him more!

- Bertie

I’ve been training with Paul for over two years and in that time he has helped me increase muscle mass, improve my strength and reduce body fat, all goals set out in our initial consultation. Workouts are varied and tailored, so it’s always interesting and you’re always learning new techniques. Paul has an excellent understanding of nutrition and has guided me to drastically improve my diet, coaching me on the correct intake of macronutrients, calorie consumption, water intake and more. Paul is a consummate professional, always punctual, friendly and encouraging. Highly recommended!

- Sam

I've had a number of PT's over the years, from guys in your regular high st gym to private gym's 1-2-1. But what is different about Paul is the whole package that gets taken into account. I can work hard in the gym but its the bit outside the gym where I needed guidance. Making a few changes to my diet and working specific parts of the body in the gym has increased my strength massively.

- Dean

I've been training with Paul for 18 months and it's been a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience. He pushes me to achieve my fitness goals and helps me with nutrition and exercise at home. I've got a better body from training with Paul.

I'd highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their fitness.

- Charles

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